The significance of board exams in 10th grade

1. Handle and channelize stress : The entire examination process should be viewed as an opportunity to teach the 14-15-year-old how to manage and cope with stress, as well as to instil habits like time management, prioritisation, planning, and scheduling. We need to stop focusing solely on the negative effects of stress. Instead, we must recognise that stress can have positive consequences, such as increased productivity. Stress can cause the brain to use more of its capabilities, resulting in increased productivity.

2. Experience what it's like to take a class 12 board exam : Students in grades 10 through 12 should use their board exams as a warm-up for their grade 12 exams. Going to a different school and being sat alongside students from different schools was a completely new experience for me For many pupils, attending school with invigilators who are instructors from various schools can be a daunting and unusual experience. It's always better to take advantage of the opportunity in class 10 to familiarise yourself with the rigmarole so that you're more prepared to face your class 12 boards, which will determine your college career path.

3. Confronting your fears : After you've successfully faced and conquered the class 10 board examinations, you'll notice that your dread of facing more difficult, larger exams fades.

Begin to view the board exams as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block. So, rather than avoiding your fear of failure/taking a huge exam by depending on easier answers, it's better to tackle it head-on and acquire confidence and perseverance in the face of adversity

4. Aids you to learn : While no one likes to be under any form of stress, there are times when you simply cannot avoid it. Board exams can provide you with valuable experience in dealing with pressure and difficult situations and finding answers. You'll learn how to manage your time, multitask, and perform at your best under duress, and it'll toughen you up.

5. The most effective method of self-evaluation : You will be able to judge your performance better on a national level than comparing yourself to only 40 pupils in your class. The percentile system will inform you of your position. If you plan to take competitive tests, the percentile system could be quite useful. You will get a feel for the system before committing to it.